Surabhi’s first love is for theatre arts. Her role in the drama ‘Yakshikathakalum Naattuvarthamanangalum’ won her Kerala Sahitya Nataka Academy’s best actress award in 2010. She has acted in many dramas and it is always her passion to explore the theatre. The following is a list of dramas she associated with:


No Name Associates
1 Bombay Tailors Director: K Vinodkumar
Awards: Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Academy Award 2016 for the Best Actress (Surabhi), Second best Drama, Second best Actor, Second best Script
2 Hayavadana Director: Prajith (Malayalam), Gireesh Karnad (Kannada)
3 Irakalodu mathramalla samsaarikkendathu Director: Jyothish M G, Raghuthaman
4 Sakkaram Binder Director: Jyothish M G, Vijay Tendulkar
5 Kannadi Director: K Vinodkumar Script: Jayaprakash Kuloor
6 Athirthikal Director: K Vinodkumar Script: Joy Mathew
7 Pachayolakalude Graamam Director: K Vinodkumar
8 Iruvattam Manavaatti Director: Ramesh Varma
9 Eecha Director: Ramesh Varma
10 The Duchess of Malfi Director: Mayathang Berg
11 Yakshikkadhakalum Naattuvarthamaanangalum Director: K Vinodkumar Script: K Vinodkumar
Awards: Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Academy Award for the Best Actress (Surabhi) and Best Drama

  Dramas directed by Surabhi

1 Srishti Script: K T Mohammed
2 Kadhabeejam Script: Vaikom Muhammad Basheer
3 Chorakkunjine Konna MaryFettinte Kadha Script: Brahth
4 Oedipus, Prethangal (Ghosts- Ibsen)

Check out the photos from Theatre:

Scene from M80 Moosa serial on MediaOne Television channel


Surabhi came to the limelight through television media. Since her debut on Amrita television winning an award, she has been active on various channels. MediaOne and Surya TV are channels that are telecasting serialised shows with her presence.



Post of the movie Minnaminungu


Acting for films came her way but as small roles. She is never hesitant for accepting a role despite being small in duration but keen to attempt an act of substance. After over 45 films, her presence in the movie ‘Minnaminungu’ won her acclaims nationwide.